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Aaron Ross McCracken

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Aaron Ross McCracken

My mission when I am done here at MD is to represent the African-American community in the best way I can. I am looking forward to working with the youth of Baltimore City and to find a way to put a smile on someone's face everyday before I clock out to go home.

Thank you to everyone able to read this and those that aren't. So many of you have pushed me to get to this point and I am forever grateful. This has been a long journey that is culminating with me receiving something I never thought I would ever achieve. There are so many in academia that have always told me that I could get to this point and it fills me with pride to show you all that you were right! Nila, I want to say thank you for all of the sacrifices that you have made to see this day come to be. Aaryn you have meant more to me than you know and I strive everyday to be a good example for you. Lastly, to my mother I want to say that this was not how this year was supposed to go. I never got to step on campus and embrace your memory in the library as I wanted to but more importantly you aren't here to hug me after I get off the stage. But do know that I am going to carry on your legacy and along with Nila and Aaryn always carry your spirit forward. Love you all.

Clinical/ Behavioral Health/LSPN

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