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Adelaide L Ayukegba

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Adelaide L Ayukegba

I am interested in the interconnectedness of mental illness and substance use disorders, as well as interventions to address these issues in underserved youth and adult communities. Currently, I work as a family case manager for homeless youth in DC and as a crisis counselor for adults suffering from mental illness and co-occurring disorders.

Today is a beautiful reminder of all the wonderful family, friends, and faculty members who have had a profound impact on my life throughout my MSW program. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support, my family. I want you to know how grateful I am for all your help during my studies.

Thank you to everyone on the faculty who assisted me with my interests, goals, and personal and professional development. It was reassuring to know I could count on your guidance.
Above all, thank you God for constantly reminding me not to be afraid because you are with me, supporting me with your righteous right hand.

What can I say, my journey through this program has been enlightening!

Clinical / Behavioral Health /SUDF

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