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Allison Kirsch

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Allison Kirsch

While at UMB I volunteered for the Interprofessional Clinic and was a mentor to a first year MSW student. Outside of UMB, I was a volunteer on the Montgomery County Crisis Hotline and the National Suicide Lifeline. I also started my journey of section hiking the Appalachian Trail!

Now that I am graduating, my mission is to reduce the stigma of mental illness and improve access to mental health care for adolescents and young adults. I aim to achieve this by scaling up a social venture that delivers outdoor adventure therapy to young people, and by continuing to give back to my broader community.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me during my journey, especially my husband and daughters who were my biggest champions.

Many thanks to all of my professors, but particularly to Professor Orin Howard, who put in so many hours, asked me so many great questions, and provided so much expertise as we explored my independent study project together this last year.

Clinical/ Behavioral Health

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