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Amanda N Nchang

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Amanda N Nchang

My mission was earning my MSW so I can help in serving the most vulnerable and the under privileged on the society. Outside of social SSW I love spending time with my kids ,a devoted wife ,sister and friend to many

God is my strength! YES I DID !. I'm of my accomplishment.
Brene Brown said " We're all so busy chasing the extraordinary that we forget to stop and be grateful for the extraordinary ". While chasing the extraordinary, I've seen the beauty of the relationships around me, people who support me throughout this beautiful journey. I had alot of obstacles on my way but your love and prayers crushed them down.
Special thanks to my husband, you are the best and I'm grateful for your love and support ❤. To my kids (3J) mummy is grateful and also I apologize for the times I missed hanging out with you because I have to complete an assignment.
To my mother, father & mother inlaw I say thank you from the bottom of my heart . To my family and friends thank for all your prayers and support during this period.
Daddy I made it. I'm a Graduate 🎓. Rest in peace Daddy
I dedicate my success to you.
All glory to God.

Clinical Macro/Behavioral Health-EAP

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