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Christina M. Wolff

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Christina M. Wolff

My mission is to continue to carry out the plan set for me and to positively impact the lives of everyone that God puts in my path.

This 7 1/2 year journey has been long and the road not always easy but God has certainly seen me through every one of them. There are so many I want to thank that have been instrumental in reaching this momentous occasion. First, my amazing husband who has selflessly given up so much and picked up all the slack so that I could spend countless hours reading, writing, and studying. My kids and grandkids who have loved and encouraged me, and made sure I had spa days when I needed them, my Tribe who have spent countless hours praying for me and lastly, the two people who have been the true source of all my growth as a clinician. Lisa Morris and Adrienne Keatts, as clinical supervisors, it was your job to lead and train but you always went above and beyond. You taught me far more than any textbook and were instrumental in shaping me into the clinician I am today. I would not be where I am without your selfless pouring into me as your intern! Thank you for your dedication, guidance, and wisdom!!

Clinical/ Behavioral Health

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