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Johanne Elaine Etienne Zawitoski

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Johanne Elaine Etienne Zawitoski

During my time at the University of Maryland Baltimore, I studied under the Title IV-E Program, a fellowship that prepares students for careers in public child welfare. I will work with the Baltimore County Department of Social Services within their Substance Exposed Newborn Services (SENS) unit after graduation.

In addition to my studies, I represented the School of Social Work as a general senator in the University Student Government Association and served as a peer mentor for new students.

Outside of school, I enjoy reading, gardening, and playing video games.

Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me as I finished my degree.

A huge thanks to my partner, Andrew, for his patience and for buying me snacks when I am having a bad day!

Macro Clinical/Families and Children/PCW

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