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Karla E. Gonzalez

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Karla E. Gonzalez

This degree is dedicated to my children who sacrificed so much and were on this journey with me. Thank you babies for your patience and your support. I want to thank my husband for his support, for cheering me on and reminding me of why I was doing this. Thank you to my parents for their encouragement, support and celebrating my small and big accomplishments. A special shoutout to my sister, DiDi, for always reading my papers. To my brother and my younger sister, thank you for reminding me never to give up. Thank you to the Title IV-E faculty for preparing me to work with children and families in the child welfare system, to my field instructor who helped make my field experience during a pandemic a great learning experience. Lastly, to the friends I've made during this journey, Sheila, Khadija, and my title IV-E cohort, WE DID IT! Congratulations class of 2021!

Clinical/ Families and Children/PCW

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