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Katherine M Lewis

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Katherine M Lewis

While at UMB, I've been a member of the Christian Social Work Fellowship, as well as participated in the Anti-Oppression Work Group. I am also a student member of the NASW Maryland Chapter. Outside of UMB, I continued to work in the social work field, primarily in a case management capacity. The most important role I've had outside of student the past three years has been youth leader at my church. During my UMB orientation in 2018, a graduating student advised me to stay faithful to outside commitments and social connections, like church. I have done that and it has been one of the most important things to get me through school. Here's to continuing that while finding a new way to practice social work as a licensed graduate!

This diploma should have more than just my name on it. It should truly read God, Gail & Gary, Lisa, Jennifer, Matthew, & Nora. My best friends and boyfriend are on there, too. Thank you all for helping me along the way! My homie, God, gets all the credit. There is no way I could have accomplished this without everything He did to make it happen. "They walked through the sea on DRY GROUND with a wall of water on their right and on their left." Exodus 14:22.

Clinical/ Behavioral Health

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