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Stacey L. Sperry

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Stacey L. Sperry

This is one of the most important achievements in my life. My father, James Alexander, and my mother, Rosemary Alexander, as well as my partner, Paul Patrinicola, have made it possible to enter into, maintain, and finish my degree. Mr. Paul Patrinicola Sr. and Mrs. Melanie Patrinicola have been additional and loving supports throughout. I don't know that I could find the words to thank all of you, properly. In addition, I would like to highlight the following people who have made a significant difference in my experience as a student, professionally and personally. Listed in order of when I met each of them: Dr. Samantha Fuld, Dr. Theda Rose, Dr. Victoria Stubbs, Dean Dawn Schafer, Dr. Gregory Greif, Mrs. Velandia Pardo, Dr. Alexandra Wimberly, Dr. Maxwell Manning, and Mrs. Nancy Strohminger. You've made my experience what it has been. You've made an impact on me and changed me for the better. I would also like to include my two daughters: Alexa Jae Sperry and Lucia Joy Sperry. I did this for you, because of you, and because of everyone like you. You are the two very inspirational lights of my entire life. I do not think you know how much that is true. Thank you both, individually and uniquely, for being exactly who you each are. Keep being you. Keep doing you. Keep on keeping on. (I saved the best for last, don't tell the others.)

Clinical/ Behavioral Health

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