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Tiera M Stepney

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Tiera M Stepney

"Just when you think God doesn't hear your prayers, he sends a reminder that he's always there. Hold your head up high, and know God is in control, he has a perfect plan for your life"

Thank you to my family and friends for all your support, love, and motivation. I would have not come this far in my life if it wasn't for all of you cheering me on. I have accomplished so much in my life and it does not stop here. Even after having a baby in my last semester of graduate school I did not give up on myself, as it gave me more motivation to keep going. I will continue to work hard in life and make my son TJ, family and friends PROUD! And to my lovely fiancé THANK YOU for being by my side every step of the way, you have been there for me since day one! Nonetheless, I just want to thank GOD for blessing me much more than I deserve! I love you ALL THANK YOU!!

Clinical/ Families and Children

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