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Tosha M Stubbs

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Tosha M Stubbs

During the past seven years pursuing my undergraduate and graduate studies; I have been blessed with an opportunity to work with vulnerable families. Each year my vision to assist these families change. This year, after battling COVID and recovering, I have changed my perspective on life and service to others. I will dedicate my time and energy in outreach to cultivate meaningful partnerships and enrich resources and opportunities to enhance the families I serve, quality of life. Serving others is a gift.
My interest for the future is to provide integrative services in a behavioral health organization, preferably as the CEO or Executive Director.
Outside of SSW, I enjoy my grandchildren and spending time with my husband. I am a home body, so a good dinner and movie is gratifying!

I would like to dedicate this moment to my children and grandchildren. I did it for you! It is never too late to change and make improvements in your life. I am a living testimony, and I will continue to strive for excellence to leave a legacy for my family! I love you all!

A message to my Husband,

We have endured so many things together. This year has been the most challenging, both of us battling COVID and still standing to finish out our graduate degrees. I could not have made it without you! Thanks for your unconditional love and always holding us down! I Love You Always!

Last, but not least, My #1 Cheerleader, Dad,

This is for you! Continue to rest Daddy! I love you

Clinical/ Behavioral Health

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