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Victoria Renee Kelly Robles

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Victoria Renee Kelly Robles

My mission, purpose, and heart of my chosen career is to live the most authentic version of myself every day. Intentional in my use of self, professionally and personally, as a vessel for love, justice, and healing. May I be a source of balance, harmony, peace, and power for my clients, my community, my peers, the institutions we dismantle and those we build, to my children, to my family, and to myself.

To my Pop, my Pop-Pop, and the Ancestors that watch over me, I thank God for your guidance and love on this lifelong journey of healing work. To my mother, grandmother, and sisters, my heart flows with gratitude for the examples of strength, grace, and resilience you have shown me. To my brothers, uncles, and collective of men who have poured your truth, light, and peace into my life, I am eternally grateful. To my husband, for walking this journey of life with me, for the laughter, for the strength and the flexibility, and for the beautiful children you have given me and co-parented with me, I pray we continue to grow into the best versions of ourselves, metamorphized over and over until we join our ancestors. To my village, may all the seeds you sow reap unlimited abundance you have made me wiser, kinder, and have pushed me to my calling every time I wanted to give in to doubt, I honor you and love you immensely. To my son, thank you for being your authentic self always even when you weren't sure who that was, I am proud of the man you are and humbled that God chose me to raise you. To my daughters, may there be no ceilings left to break through after you, you are the very definition of balance, fierceness, and freedom, may your lights burn the systems of oppression leaving nothing but ash and truth.

Clinical/ Behavioral Health/LSPN

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